The Alliance of Community Service Providers is a professional membership organization representing over 90 non-profit and for-profit organizations in Southeastern Pennsylvania that provide supports and services for adults and children with intellectual disabilities, those with mental health issues, and people recovering from addictions.

Together, the members of the Alliance serve more than 200,000 people annually, employ tens of thousands and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity.

June 2020

The work we can’t not do 

To the Members, Stakeholders and Supporters of The Alliance of Community Service Providers,

Following the funeral of George Floyd on Tuesday and in response to the ongoing protests throughout our country, we take a moment to pause and reflect:

The murder of Mr. Floyd at the hands of law enforcement is simply the most recent example of what has been all too common for far too long. It serves as a painful reminder of the ongoing discrimination and institutional racism that has plagued our country for so many years!

While some of us have never felt firsthand the personal pain of racism and institutionalized discrimination, it is imperative that we stand with and listen to those who have.  As human beings, we must involve ourselves in the quest for fairness and justice for each and every person.

Our role and responsibility as human services professionals is to first acknowledge the very real pain and intergenerational trauma experienced by people of color. We must also be willing to engage in uncomfortable and at times, difficult conversations.  And we must listen to each other with open minds and hearts.

The Alliance of Community Service Providers stands with all of the individuals, families and communities whose lives have been unfairly impacted by racism and discrimination.  In the spirit of our mission and vision, The Alliance of Community Service Providers strives to be an advocate of human rights for all people.  Our commitment to social justice and the creation of a more equal and equitable system for all, is what drives us in our advocacy work. It is integral part of who we are and what we do.

We encourage all of you to engage in honest and meaningful conversations with others and to continue to speak out against discrimination when you see it.  Simply put, this is the work that we can’t not do!

The Alliance of Community Service Providers 

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35th Alliance Breakfast

35th Alliance Breakfast

A big thank you to all of our sponsors for making the 35th Annual Breakfast a roaring success. We could not do this event without all your support.

Exude Solution Builder Program

Exude Solution Builder Program

The Alliance of Community Service Providers is thrilled to announce an exciting new Member-only opportunity, The Exude Solution Builder program. Solution Builder is a healthcare program designed to help control costs while offering flexibility to meet the needs and expectations of your employees.

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