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About The Alliance

Mission Statement

The Alliance of Community Service Providers is a non-profit association of organizations who provide service to children and adults with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and/or intellectual disabilities. The Alliance works to improve the quality and sustainability of services, provide a voice for our agencies and the people they serve at the city and state levels, and create a venue for collaboration, problem solving, and information sharing.

Vision Statement

The Alliance of Community Service Providers envisions a community in which children and adults with intellectual disabilities and individuals recovering from a mental health condition or substance use disorder lead healthy and fulfilling lives with the support of a vibrant, effective, and sustainable community based service system.

Our History

Originally chartered in 1969 as the Philadelphia Alliance, the Alliance of Community Service Providers was formed to bring together agencies providing community mental health and mental retardation services to improve, participate in and help implement the planning and coordination of these services throughout the Philadelphia area; to strengthen the working relationships among member agencies and with the City of Philadelphia administration and other relevant governmental offices; to further the opportunity and ability of member agencies to contribute to the effective delivery of services to the City’s citizens affected by mental illness and intellectual disabilities. In 1989, the Philadelphia Alliance welcomed into its membership ranks organizations that are committed to assisting individuals with substance abuse needs.

The Alliance of Community Service Providers is committed to the delivery of the best possible care and supports for people served by our member agencies. The Alliance, through Domains, Committees, and teams of members, maintains communications with professionals, the City of Philadelphia and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania officials.

Core Values

An organization’s “core values” are those tenets that it and its members hold and believe are essential to the success and identity of the organization.  They serve as the foundation of which the organization performs work and conducts itself.  The “core values” of the Alliance of Community Service Providers include:

  • Education and Advocacy: Increasing public awareness of the services provided by our members and issues faced by provider organizations and the individuals they serve is vital to ensuring the service system is understood and supported. Educating government leaders is essential. The presence of a strong voice for provider organizations, among the voices of stakeholder groups, is integral to effective public policy.
  • Service Quality: The Alliance of Community Service Providers focuses on Workforce Development, encouraging innovation, the use of best practices, and workforce appreciation to improve the quality of our service system for those we serve.
  • Inclusion: The Alliance of Community Service Providers practices inclusion of stakeholders, with the belief that the multiple perspectives,  of government partners, families, service participants, providers, and community members, results in better decision making and cohesion.
  • Diversity: The Alliance of Community Service Providers understands the benefit of including a diversity of people and their life experiences, knowledge, and perspectives in all we do.
  • Community: The Alliance of Community Service Providers brings a commitment to cultivating a healthy community for our members, the people they employ, and the people and family members whom they serve.
  • Respect: The Alliance of Community Service Providers believes in treating all people with dignity and respect.
  • Collaboration and Partnership:  The Alliance of Community Service Providers believes that true collaboration, partnership, and sharing around common problems leads to the most effective solutions. We work to be collegial, consensus building, and cooperative in our approach with one another and our external partners.