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Join The Alliance

There are two types of members of the Alliance of Community Service Providers: (1) Members– Those agencies, which provide direct service to people. And, (2) Associate Members– Enterprises, which offer products and services that augment the supports of the Members. Dues Members for 2022-2023 are set on a sliding scale based on their annual revenues. Revenue sources include: ODP PROMISE payments related to the Philadelphia individuals or Philadelphia locations for the services listed above, Philadelphia County contract dollars from IDS, OAS, & OMH; BHSI payments, and CBH reimbursements for public clients. No other funding streams apply to the Alliance Annual Dues calculation.

Benefits of Membership


  • A constant flow of essential information to Alliance members via emails and mailings.
  • Quicker information that is more on target than other sources.
  • An action alert network of several hundred people.
  • Direct sharing with government officials and among members through Alliance-hosted meetings (about one per month).


  • Valuable relationships with the leadership of DBH/MRS in Philadelphia, program administration (ODP, OMHSAS, OMAP) in Harrisburg, and statewide associations like RCPA and PAR.
  • Opportunities to participate in and lead the development of position statements and/or recommendations regarding a government plans and or policies.
  • Significant input to DBH initiatives employing RFP’s, RFA’s, and RFI’s.


  • Increased probability of being heard by government as a member of a recognized, respected and effective collective.
  • Participation in events that promote and speak to the particular needs and interests of member groups.
  • More effective internal communications and efficient program operations for agencies that are plugged into policy and program developments via the Alliance.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Alliance and our more than 75 members and associate members. Together, the members of the Alliance serve more than 100,000 people annually, employ tens of thousands and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity. Throughout our 53-year history The Alliance membership has established itself as a dynamic thought leader in the community. Our open and highly interactive structure promotes vibrant discussion and a free exchange of ideas. To become a Member or an Associate member, please contact Cherie Brummans, cherie@thealliancecsp.org, or call 267-385-7440. View the dues schedule here: FY22-23 Dues for Members & Associate Members

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