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The Alliance of Community Service Providers invites you to submit a workshop presentation proposal for the 2019 Annual Conference for Direct Service Professionals. This year’s conference is being held on Friday, April 12, 2019 at the Hilton City Avenue.

We are proud to be celebrating the 17th year of our conference! Each year we look forward to celebrating all of our Direct Service Professionals who provide much needed services and supports to people in our community.

The success of our conference is largely due to the high caliber of speakers who generously share their expertise for the benefit of Direct Service Professionals. Throughout the day, we host 30 lively, engaging and thought-provoking workshops.

We welcome proposals on a broad range of subjects. Below are some sample topics from past conferences:

(1) Contemporary issues of interest such as mind and body health, character building, relationships, fun and recreation, secondary trauma

(2) Current and future trends in the fields of Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities and Addictions

(3) Workplace dynamics, ethics, diversity and teamwork

(4) Career advancement, leadership and skill development

The deadline for submitting your workshop proposal is January 4, 2019, submissions will be reviewed and presenters will be notified in mid-February. Please submit your proposal using the below form.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Vicki Haggerty at 267-385-7440. We are looking forward to receiving your proposal.

Please share this RFP with your colleagues or any other interested parties.